Explore new insight. July 2023 eNews

Explore new insight. July 2023 eNews

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We've reached the halfway point of the year, and we're both excited and motivated by our results so far. As we continue to make great strides towards obtaining our goals, it's important to not take our foot off of the gas pedal. Learn more about the resources and news happening in Illinois manufacturing below.

President's Thoughts...

president-headshotI am absolutely thrilled by the overwhelming response we have received since the recent launch of our groundbreaking initiative, the Supply Chain Center. This game-changing resource is already making a tremendous impact, empowering numerous Illinois manufacturers to strengthen their supply chains.

Imagine having access to an exceptional supplier scouting and matchmaking approach, a powerful tool that connects you with experts capable of identifying top-notch suppliers both locally and nationwide. With this invaluable feature, your business gains a distinct advantage, ensuring compliance with your expectations while unlocking a wealth of new opportunities.

Illinois manufacturers can also tap into a multitude of sourcing requests, opening doors to potential new business ventures that could transform your manufacturing enterprise. Our extensive database insights, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering expertise combine to offer you a range of essential services tailored specifically to address the ever-evolving needs of your supply chain.

Now is the time to seize opportunity and become an integral part of the Illinois Manufacturing Supply Chain Center. By leveraging our unrivaled resources, you have the power to strengthen your supply chain, forging a deeper connection with your local community and safeguarding the future of Illinois manufacturing. 

- David Boulay, Ph.D., IMEC President


NEWS: Launch of the New Supply Chain Center!

IMEC is proud to partner with the Illinois Manufacturers' Association (IMA) to announce our new Supply Chain Initiative! This innovative solution is designed to cater to all mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the state, providing them with comprehensive support to strengthen their supply chains. With a focus on promoting local sourcing and diversity within the industry, this solution aims to propel Illinois’ manufacturing sector to new heights.

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Become a Supplier Today!

Calling all Illinois manufacturers! Want to grow your business and become a supplier? Check out our open opportunity page! It's a curated list of available opportunities from MEP centers across the nation. Simply click the link, fill out a short questionnaire, and we'll submit your bid. Plus, don't forget to subscribe to our supply chain newsletter coming soon for insider info on future events, webinars, blogs, articles, and upcoming open projects. Stay ahead of the game! Join us today!

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Numerous opinions exist to whether leaders are born or are made. One thing for certain is that leadership traits can be improved regardless of whether they are inherent or acquired. Today, I had the opportunity to observe a leadership development training at a manufacturer. The difference between this training compared to others I’ve observed is that this training was entirely facilitated in Spanish. Although many of the employees were bilingual, this training offered them the opportunity to participate to their full potential because it was offered in their primary language.

According to a recent Forbes article, accent discrimination is “still a pervasive issue in the workplace”. Accent stereotypes can show up in various ways, such as, not hiring a job applicant, being passed up for a promotion or not being offered career development opportunities. As a linguist by background, I’m aware that accent stereotypes can lead us to form negative and positive judgements. Often, we associate an accent with someone who is less educated, less intelligent, and less trainable.  Because bias is a shortcut our brains use to save time, no leader is immune to it. When we serve in a leadership role, the immediate recipient of our bias is our team. The senior leaders at this company exemplify how a manufacturer who counters accent stereotypes can tap into the potential of all their employees and capitalize on their ideas. 

Equip your leaders and employees today; learn more about how to develop and retain top talent and check out some of our leadership development sessions to reduce bias and stereotypes in the workplace.

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- Paola Velasquez, Director of DEI in Manufacturing, IMEC

HANDS-ON LEARNING: Upcoming In-Person Events

Rockford Area Regional Roundtable: Creative Workforce Ideas Lunch & Learn

July 19th

NIU Rockford

8500 E. State St., Rockford, IL

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BUILDING SUSTAINABLE FUTURES: Environmental Social Governance Manufacturing Workshop

August 7th

VIA Education Center

2000 S. Batavia Ave., Geneva, IL

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August 9th

Olney Central College

305 N. West St., Olney, IL

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Lean Manufacturing Overview with Simulation - Peoria

August 10th

Peoria NEXT Innovation Center

801 W. Main St., Peoria, IL

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Featured Webinar

STRENGTHENING SUPPLY CHAINS: Find Suppliers, Become a Supplier and Build a Resilient Supply Chain for Illinois Manufacturing

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Howe Corporation, a refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Chicago, connected with IMEC back in 2014. Since then, IMEC and Howe have collaborated on ISO certification, SEO, cybersecurity, and marketing. This partnership has led to fantastic results within Howe that have created a long impact.

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July Featured Whitepaper - Understanding How ISO 9001:2015 and Internal Audits can Enhance your Business

ISO 9001:2015 Overview/Internal Auditor training may sound like a simple enough event, but not all companies realize the same level of commitment to their quality journey. The new ISO 9001:2015 standard places more emphasis on understanding business processes, how they impact your company as well as how they integrate with other processes in your business.

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Help Ignite Manufacturing Excellence in Illinois

If you have the proven ability to lead companies down a path of continuous improvement, diagnose challenges, deliver value, and you possess the interpersonal skills and confidence to build lasting relationships with leaders, consider a career at one of Illinois’ most dynamic business service organizations. IMEC offers an exciting, entrepreneurial environment where hard work and creativity is rewarded.

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